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Fun for kids in the snow and on the piste

When children learn together learning becomes easier. The excellently trained skiing instructors from our partners at the local skiing school will take good care of your children and ensure that they have a wonderful experience. You will see: Before you know it your little ones will be cruising the beginner’s slopes at their own speed and laying the foundation for lifelong progress.
If they don’t get enough during the day or want to practice right around the corner we have some opportunities. A ski-carrousel, a short slope on the training hill around the corner, or just fun in the snow with a sled or a snowman; the opportunities are present, if there is a will.

Winterurlaub mit Kindern

Dinolino service for toddlers and small children at Hotel Felsenhof

  • Six times a week childcare for children from 1 year Sunday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm 
  • Twice a week we offer childcare in the evening from 5 pm to 8 pm
  • Lunch and juices/refreshments throughout the day are included
  • Activities, such as communal play at the ski-carrousel, are part of the program
  • We also offer skiing equipment (helmets, shoes, skiing sticks, and skis) for small children (< 6 years) free of charge
  • If you register your child(ren) with the skiing school they will be picked up and dropped off daily, free of (further) charge

Ski amadé MINI Week - Skiing lessons for children under the age of 6 for a low price

Jan 08 - Jan 22, 2022
arrival Saturday or Sunday

  • 7 night stay with the child in the same room
  • Includes ¾-board and 6 day skiing passes for the adults, as well as the skiing course, the skiing pass, and the skiing equipment for children under the age of 6
  • 3 year olds will receive five times a half-a-day skiing instruction
  • 4-6 year olds will receive three full days of skiing instrudtion
  • The skiing courses start on Sunday and/or Monday and take place back-to-back

Learn more about our MINI Week skiing flat rate

MINI Week for children in Ski amadé

Ski courses for the youngest directly at the hotel

Because we honestly believe that children have to get an early start when it comes to skiing and that the joy experienced makes a huge difference, we have created a “Children’s Land” near our adjacent Speedy Jet lift system / our training hill, right next to House Antonia.

Kinderskikurse direkt beim Felsenhof

"Children's Land" at the Speedy Jet, right next by Hotel Felsenhof

In cooperation with the skiing school Flachau we will start offering half-day skiing courses (2 hours) for children up to 4 years as soon as there is enough snow.

Depending on registration and organization the courses will take place between 10 am and 12 am, and between 1 pm and 3 pm.

  • In order to make the whole thing worth the while we require a minimum of three participating children, or a maximum of seven, per course.
  • You can borrow the necessary equipment from Hotel Felsenhof (reception) free of charge.

How do the children get to the ski course area at the Jet?

  • If your child is in daycare/childcare our childcare professionals will dress the children appropriately, take them to the course, and pick them up again.

Playful ski lessons for the little ones from 3 years on.

  • Our hope is that during the two hour courses the children have fun and learn the basics of how to best move on a snowy ground, and develop the necessary confidence needed to properly learn skiing later on. Hence we focus on games, fun, and of course, proper care for your children.

Skiing school Flachau - right at the Space Jet


Toddler's Club for small kids from 2 years

Daily from 12:10 pm - 12:55 pm

Here your kids can safely make their first skiing experiences in the Dino-world and learn to stand on skis. During the time stated above skiing instructors are present and provide 1-on-1 instruction exclusively.

Price:  € 52 for 45 minutes (skiing equipment is included)


Dino's Dinolino-Skiing-course for children from 3 years

Daily 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Toddlers between the age of 3 and 5 will be cared for appropriately in the two hours and will have a wonderful first skiing experience. They will experience a combination of childcare, and indoor and outdoor skiing.

Price for ½ day:  € 58 (book from Sunday - Thursday, skiing equipment included)

There is also a course in the afternoon, from 1 pm to 3 pm:

Price for ½ day: € 54 (book from Sunday - Thursday, skiing equimpment included)


Skiing- and Snowboarding-courses for children

10:00 am - 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Lunch and supervision are available for the price of 12 EUR per child per day

The price for the skiing-course is:

  • 1 day starting at € 88
  • 2 days starting at € 172
  • 3 days starting at € 224
  • extension is possible, courses take place from Sunday - Thursday

The price for the snowboarding-course ( 4 hours per day ) is:

  • 1 day € 88
  • 2 days € 172
  • 3 days € 224
  • 4 days € 245
  • courses take place from Sunday - Wednesday

All of the prices stated above are approximations and are subject to slight changes.

The courses are structured as follows:

Sunday: placement, first small steps on skis & getting used to moving on snow, refreshing old knowledge
Monday: re-placement, technique instruction, training on specific devices/machines and with items such as ropes, poles, et cetera
Tuesday: Jumping contest for brave kids and a mogul skiing contest for the very small kids
Wednesday: Advanced technique instruction & prize ceremony for the jumping contest
Thursday: Dino Treasure Rally (in 3 consecutive rounds)

Subject to changes.

Are you looking for more information? Do you want to know how your kids get to the skiing school?
Find all answers to the most important questions:
Information for parents

Information regarding skiing courses for children, for parents


Wagrainis Beginner Snowpark for kids

To reach "Wagrainis Winter World" you have to go to the mid-station “Rote Achtergondel” or take the car to the parking lot “Rote Achter Moadörfl” and then take the cable car.
It is the ideal place for (small) children, their grandparents, parents, and whoever enjoys watching kids have the time of their life.
Magic carpets, forest carpets, a snowtubing track, igloos and place to rest ensure a wholesome and joyful experience.
Walking, Tobogganing, and navigating the area with a buggy are no problem at all.

Program for children
Every Tuesday starting at 11 am "Skizwergerl-Party with Wagraini"
Every Thursday from 2 pm "Skizwergerl Grill Party"

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