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Packs & Baths

Take your time and enjoy the tranquility of the Feelwell area and leave your day at this beautiful treatments to reminisce.


Soft Pile Floating Couch

Seaweeds cleansing pack

Refines the skin picture by different additions from the sea.
45 min.  € 43.- 

Hay packet

Ideal for preparing classic massages. You will feel fresher and more active.
45 min.  € 43.- 

Cremepeel oil mixture

This gentle Cremepeel has a particularly fine texture and a very delicate care effect.
By oil, your skin is getting lubricated and well dampered.

45 min.  € 46.- 

Vitalpeeling – body and face

With healing earth and sea salt, the skin is stimulated and vitalised. Furthermore, it is provided with moisture and visibly stiffened.

45 min.  € 50.- 

Herb pack – the nature pharmacy

Herbs, plants and their extracts have always been used for skin care and aromatherapy.
Depending on the purpose, flowers, leaves, fruits or barks are used.

45 min.  € 50.- 

Mud pack

More and more often, with many kinds of complaints, we use the medicine nature has given us for many centuries. The anti-inflammatory, analgesic and hormonal balancing effects of moor have been scientifically proven for a long time.

45 min.  € 43.- 

Comfort Spa Cleopatra pack

This pack provides the skin with important minerals such as calcium and magnesium, as well as vitamins A and E. Shea butter with its good, refatting and water binding ability nourishes and smoothes the skin. Grape seed oil supports the nourishing effect and softens the skin.

45 min.  € 46.- 



Enjoy  the feeling of Thousand and One Nights in our Emperor's Bath and bath like King and Queen.

Relaxing bath

Immerse yourself in to the world of scents of lavender, camomile, orange, rose petals and melissa leaves. Relaxing can be so easy.

ca. 25 min.  € 30.- 

Herb bath with 3 different herbs

Rosemary, lavender and elderflower
Rosemary stimulates circulation and invigorates. In contrast, lavender is calming and balancing. To nourish your skin, elderflower has the characteristic that it has a perspiration and a revitalizing effect. By this combination you get a pleasant, relaxing body feeling.

ca. 25 min.  € 30.- 

Cleopatra – milk oil bath

Skin care bath made from a mixture of different vegetable oils and milk. Bath like in Cleopatra's time and enjoy a new, tender skin feel.

ca. 25 min.  € 30.- 

Rose flower bath

Enjoy the harmonious, encouraging and relaxing fragrance of the Rose with your partner or on your own. Nestled in rose blossoms and a special creme mixture, you can leave the everyday life behind and your soul can blossom again to new freshness.

ca. 25 min.  € 30.- 


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