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Wellness & Beauty
Wellness & Beauty
Wellness & Beauty

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Packs & Baths

Lean back, feel good, switch off, and enjoy our wide range of services.
The well-trained staff of the Feel-Well Team at Hotel Felsenhof will gladly accommodate your preferences and wishes.


Softpack - Floating Lounge

Experience the bliss of lying on a soft and warm water bed. As you are floating the heat allows the wraps on your carefully wrapped body to unfold their full effect. You can choose which wraps are used during your time in the Floating Lounge.

Algae detoxification wrap

For dewatering, purify and tighten

Additives from the sea detoxify and help refine the complexion of your skin.

approx.  45 min.  € 43

Hay wrap - with the scent of the Alps

The ideal preparation for classic massages.
Let the unique ingredients of high-quality, unfertilized hay from the mountains of Salzburg unfold their effects and enjoy
the pleasant warmth on your body.

approx. 45 min.  € 43

Creme-peel oil mixture

Has a purifying, detoxifying and mineralizing effect 

Precious care oils make this oil mixture the ideal Skin Care Product You will feel fresher and more active.

approx.  45 min.  € 46

Vitalpeeling – Whole body and face

Sea salt, brine and algae. The best wellness ingredients from the sea.

Gentle cleansing scrub for deep cleansing of the skin.
Natural peeling particles remove dead skin cells
and refine the complexion. One promotes the regeneration ability of the skin and
makes it soft and supple. You will feel fresher and more active.

approx.  45 min.  € 50

Herb pack – the nature's pharmacy

Calm, stimulating and healing.
The herbs are sorted by effect.

From time immemorial, herbs, plants and their extracts for skin care,
used for aromatherapy. Depending on the objective, flowers, leaves,
Fruits or barks are used.

approx.  45 min.  € 50

Moor pack - natural power from the earth

More and more frequently, we look at the remedies for many ailments, that nature has been providing for us for many centuries.
The anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, circulation-promoting, analgesic and hormonal balancing effects of moor
have been scientifically proven for a long time.

approx.  45 min.  € 43

Cleopatra's Cream Pack - For very dry skin

The pack provides the skin with important minerals like calcium and Magnesium, as well as vitamins A and E. Shea butter with her good
Regenerative and water-binding properties nourishes and smoothest the skin.
Grape seed oil supports the nourishing effect and makes the skin soft and delicate.

approx.  45 min.  € 46


Baths - Immerse yourself in the "Delicious wet"

Enjoy the feeling of a thousand and one nights in the "Kaiserbad" and bathe like empress and emperor.

Spirited Sentiment

Experience the scents of horsetail, nettle leaves, and lime blossoms. Let these fragrances unfold their anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and warming effects — ideally after a day full of activities.

approx. 25 min.  € 25

Symhony of the Forest

Lavender, balm, and chamomile

Let go and relax. This combination of lavender, balm, and chamomile will lift your spirits. Harmonizing and relaxing.

approx. 25 min.  € 25

Cleopatra – Milk oil bath

Skin-caring bath with a mix plant-derived oils and milk.
Bath like in ancient Egypt and enjoy the soft and tender feeling of your skin.

approx. 25 min.  € 35


“Time for two”

Rosebud bath

Experience the emperor’s bath and feel like a royal couple while enjoying the harmonizing, relaxing, and uplifting smell of roses. Bathe in bathwater covered in rosebuds and let the oil mixture do its magic. Leave your day behind and let your soul get carried away. You will feel like you’ve been reborn.

approx. 45 min.  € 39
includes a bottle of Piccolo


…for your home

Bath scent pouches

€ 4.90

"Spirited Sentiment"

(horsetail, nettle leaves, and lime blossoms) works anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and warming effects.

“Forest legend”
(spruce needles, alp herbs and nettle leaves) works strengthening, purging and detoxifying.

“Forest symphony”
(lavender, balm leaves and chamomile leaves) works mood lifting, balancing and relaxing.

“Magic touch”
(rosemary, orange leaves and rose leaves) works harmonizing, stimulating and circulation-inspiring.

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