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Massages in the Hotel Felsenhof

Familien Wellnessurlaub Hotel Felsenhof

Let the energy in your body flow!

Your wellness experience is only really perfect with a fantastic, and above all, professional massage. What could be better than bringing body, spirit and soul into harmony. You'll feel it - there's definitely something in it. We offer a wide range of massages in the Wellnesshotel Felsenhof; along with classic massages, including sports massages, lymph drainage, there are beneficial wellness massages using essential oils and foot reflex zone massages.

Just like our Beauty range with our "Feel well" team you are in the well-trained hands and will be indulged from head to toe. That is a holiday in the Wellnesshotel Felsenhof in Flachau, Salzburgerland.


Classic massage

This massage leads to an improvement in the blood circulation, tensions and pain are effectively solved. It untightens your muscles, activates the lymphatic system and increases your wellness.

approx. 50 min.  € 54.-

Partial massage

For back, neck and shoulder. With gentle pressure, the tensions become
solved. Your energy flows free again.

approx. 25 min.  € 29.-

Aromatherapy oil massage

Aroma oils develop various therapeutic effects. They strengthen our immune system, soothe, detoxify, and touch our senses. You can choose from different aromatic oils, which are freshly mixed according to your current condition and on your skin types.

approx. 25 min.  € 32.-  |  approx. 50 min. € 59.- 


The soles of the feet reflect the entire body. Each part of the body has its corresponding zone in the foot. During the treatment, the corresponding organ is better circulated. The massage strengthens the immune system, supports the healing process, self-healing powers, increases the well-being. Pain relief, general calming and relaxation can be the result of a reflexology.

approx. 25 min.  € 34.-  |  approx. 50 min.  € 61.- 

Relaxation program

The relaxation program is soothing, relaxing and balancing, it gives you inner balance and tranquility. The vegetative nervous system is harmonized by foot massage. These very light stitchings will always be very pleasant for you.

approx. 25 min.  € 32.-

Detoxification program

Removal of metabolic residues, toxins and slags. These toxins will be removed by the blood and lymphatic system using this massage.
The program increases your well-being.

approx. 50 min.  € 54.- 

Lymph drainage

The lymphatic system is responsible for the dewatering, detoxification and destasis of the body. The aim is to improve the immune system, to relieve swelling, to transport slags and toxins. Manual lymphatic drainage does not cause any blood flow through the muscles, as is known e.g. in classic massage.

approx. 25 min.  € 32.-  |  approx. 50 min.  € 59.- 

Sporty leg massage

After an active sports day, this treatment relieves muscle tension and helps against muscle soreness, improves the blood circulation.

approx. 25 min.  € 32.-

Sporty leg massage

After an active sports day, this treatment relieves muscle tension and helps against muscle soreness, improves the blood circulation.

approx. 25 min.  € 29.-

Head, shoulder and neck massage

Frees your head and relaxes your neck.

approx. 25 min.  € 32.-

Hot Stone Massage

This is a very relaxing and soothing massage. The heat penetrates into the lower body zones, it intensifies the lymph flow, slags and toxins can be transported away. Prevention in colds, relieves muscle tension.

approx. 50 min.  € 60.-  | approx. 80 min.  € 90.-

Hot Chocolate Massage

This is a wonderful massage experience for body and soul. The pleasant smell of chocolate makes you happy and pampered and also touches the senses. The precious care products of the cocoa beans tend to revive, they have an anti-aging protection. Cocoa contains antioxidants. During the massage, happiness hormones are formed.

approx. 50 min  € 60.- 

Honey massage

... for the back. By bonding the honey to the skin, the connective tissue is loosened. The purifying and detoxifying massage loosens tensions and gives the skin a feeling of velvet and silk.

approx. 25 min.  € 32.-

Stone pine Massage Deluxe

The soothing stone pine fragrance satisfies the space and enchants your senses. The massage and the baths have a relaxing and soothing effect, and help to reduce stress.

approx. 50 min.  € 59.-

Ayurveda - whole body treatment

Abhyanga is an extract of the ayurvedic massage for your whole body, the Queen among the oil massages. It spoils you with high-quality oils that penetrate deeply. It acts soothing and detoxifying and harmonizes the energy of the body. The Ayurvedic Massage strengthens the organs, helps to relieve pain and promotes mobility. Old slags, which are, according to the Ayurvedic philosophy, the cause of diseases, are thereby carried away.

approx. 50 min.  € 59.-

Lomi Lomi Nui

An extract of Hawaiian massage will take you on a journey to the Inner Self.

approx. 55 min.  € 65.-

Elsa Princess & Boys' Batman - Children's Massage

Light massage for spoiling kids and teenagers.

approx. 25 min  € 21.- 

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