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All inclusive 'light' Culinary
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Massages in the Hotel Felsenhof

Massages daily from 09 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm - 7 pm

Beauty treatments on Fridays from 09 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm - 6 pm

Happy Hour: -10 % from 09 am to 12 pm

Familien Wellnessurlaub Hotel Felsenhof

Let the energy in your body flow!

Your wellness experience is only really perfect with a fantastic, and above all, professional massage. What could be better than bringing body, spirit and soul into harmony. You'll feel it - there's definitely something in it. We offer a wide range of massages in the Wellnesshotel Felsenhof; along with classic massages, including sports massages, lymph drainage, there are beneficial wellness massages using essential oils and foot reflex zone massages.

The well-trained staff of the Feel-Well Team at Hotel Felsenhof will gladly accommodate your preferences and wishes.

That is a holiday in the Wellnesshotel Felsenhof in Flachau, Salzburgerland.




Classic full body massage

The massage leads to improved circulation and relieves pain and physical tension. It relaxes the muscles, activates the lymphatic system, and increases well-being.

approx. 50 min  € 68

Aromatic oil massage full body

Aromatic oils can unfold a wide variety of therapeutic effects. Among other things they strengthen our immune system, calm, detoxify, and excite our senses. You can choose from a wide variety of aromatic oils. They are used according to your needs and your skin type and will refresh you.

approx. 50 min  € 70

Hot Stone Massage

The hot stone massage is a very relaxing and calming massage. The warmth penetrates your body deeply and increases the lymphatic flow, causing slags and toxins to be transported out of the body. It is especially useful in order to prevent colds and to ease tensions in the muscles

approx. 50 min  € 72

Ayurveda - Full body treatment (soft)

An excerpt of the Ayurvedic full body massage, the queen of oil massages. A soothing massage of the body with warm oil of the highest quality that deeply penetrates the body. The massage triggers a feeling of calmness and detoxification, harmonising the body’s energy in the process. The Ayurvedic massage strengthens the organs, eases pain and enhances the mobility of the joints. Old slags, which are, following the philosophy of the Ayurvedic treatment, the cause of illnesses, are transported out of the body as a result of this treatment.

approx. 50 min  € 72

Lomi Lomi Nui (soft)

This pleasant form of Hawaiian massage will help you find your inner self.

approx. 50 min  € 72

Cupping (strong)

Small glasses on the skin are intended to release tension and relieve pain by means of negative pressure.
Cupping loosens tissue, relieves pain, strengthens the immune system and stimulates blood flow.
When should cupping be used, when not? The main goal of the treatment with suction bottles is to strengthen the self-healing powers of the body, to set them in motion, to activate the whole organism, to regenerate it and to increase its efficiency.

approx. 30-45 min  € 41


Something for your back…


Head, shoulder and neck massage

The head and shoulder massage provides comfort to the head region and relaxes the neck region.

approx. 20 min  € 40

Sports package (Bath & back massage)

Submerge yourself in a world of scents.

approx. 50 min  € 68

Classic partial massage

Partial massage for neck, back, and shoulders. Using gentle pressure physical tension is relieved, allowing your energy to flow again.

approx. 25 min  € 40

Honey massage

The honey massage is focused on the back. By applying it to the skin the connective tissue is loosened. The massage also leads to purification and detoxification, eases tensions, and makes your skin feel like silk.

approx. 20 min  € 40


... or ...


Duo Mix Massage

The benefits of foot reflexology combined with a back massage.
A great treat!

approx. 50 min  € 70

Partial aromatic oil massage legs & back

A special partial massage with a variety of aromatic oils.

approx. 25 min  € 40


Kinesiotape is a special elastic adhesive tape used to support healing processes in sports injuries and overuse reactions.
Kinesiotape is used for various ailments and injuries. The body's own healing process is stimulated by providing support and stability without affecting mobility.

approx. 15-20 min  € 16


Stone pine offer

Stone pine special (strong)

A great combination of manual massage with pine sticks and pine oil. This massage relieves unusually excessive muscle tension and mental fatigue and helps reduce stress.

approx. 50 min  € 72 | approx. 25 min € 40

Stone pine bath followed by a massage

A combination of a relaxing bath followed by a massage for the legs and back with stone pine oil.

approx. 50 min  € 69


Pleasant for foot and legs

Sporty leg massage

After an active sports day removes this therapy the muscle tension and helps against aching muscles. As well as the blood circulation improves.

approx. 20 min  € 40

Foot reflexology

The soles of our feet mirror the entire body. Every part of the body has a corresponding zone on your foot. Through treatment circulation in any organ can be improved. The massage also strengthens the immune system, helps enhance healing processes, supports self-healing powers, and increases well-being. The massage can also help alleviate pain, calm the nerves and help with relaxation.

approx. 25 min  € 40


…for Kids (up to 12 years)


Kid's wellness massage with stone pine

Massage with pine oil, relaxing and supporting effect as well as a sleep-inducing effect.

approx. 20 min  € 35

Haribo massage for children

Gentle massage for children tailored to the individual need of your child. With fragrant fruit oil.

approx. 20 min € 35


…for expectant mommies

Stone pine oil massage (light)

The relaxing and sleep-promoting effect of Swiss stone pine wood is mainly attributed to its characteristic resinous-spicy scent. Swiss stone pine stands for a healthy lifestyle, effects on the mental level are strength and support. It is effective in anxiety, lack of energy, depression and despondency.

approx. 25 min € 40 | approx. 50 min € 72

Special massage handles (light)

for pregnant women, revitalizes body, mind and spirit.

approx. 25 min € 40 | approx. 50 min € 67

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