Children, family, wellness - Felsenhof in Flachau

Your hotel with childcare

When children feel completely at home and are immersed in the game with sparkling eyes, mom, dad, grandma and grandpa are doing well too. 

We, the Kørup-Kohlmayr family, value family and love children. It was with great pleasure that we transformed our Felsenhof into a children's and family hotel over the years. Today we offer you and your family an atmospheric setting for relaxing, creative and happy holidays. 

Felsenhøf and not Felsenhof? Some of our guests already know that our hotel manager Claus Kørup-Kohlmayr has Nordic roots. That's why we decided to give our hotel a touch of Scandinavia. You will notice this when you arrive at the Hotel Felsenhof at the latest. We hope you have fun exploring!

Coming soon...

We are currently working on the translation of our website, which will be ready very soon. Please check back later!

In the meantime you can of course take a look at the German version of the website.


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